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Trials and tribulations of our photographer By Simon - 17.10.2016


Anyone who considers the world of photography as simply glamourous should spend time with me arranging photoshoots for the 7 Romantica labels.

Initially a concept needs to be created for an upcoming shoot, to be agreed by the CEO, Managing Director and the creative team.

Models need to be found which can at times be easier said than done. Most girls are size 8/10 in the agencies but ideally we need 10/12s to suit the sample dresses used in each campaign. Castings are key but not always possible due to time constraints and geography. It is one thing to assess a model from a few shots on their portfolio and another to meet them in person to be more sure of making the right choice so that they will reflect and enhance the brand.

Once the models are optioned and booked, a hair and makeup artist and a stylist needs to be chosen for the selected date together with a suitable outdoor location if necessary.

As Romantica now have there own in-house studio, the web photography is a little easier to organise and considerations like the weather have no consequence. On location however, just like planning a wedding, we are at the mercy of unpredictable weather, although if we are lucky, this could turn out to be the icing on the cake!

At times it can be a logistical nightmare to showcase the very latest dresses to all those forthcoming brides out there. However, once the team are assembled and transportation including dresses and props sorted, we can get to work.

Eventually, with the shoot over, some post production, and a lot of hard work, a new selection of images appear on the Company’s website. Time for some breathing space before I start all over again.

I don’t think many people would imagine what goes on behind the scenes and if the finished images don’t reflect that, I'm a very happy snapper indeed!

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